Bring the outdoors in

Bloomframe is an interactive glass façade that opens up to the outside world whenever you want!
Its unique concept allows to create transformable living spaces in order to enjoy the outdoors during each season.

Bloomframe in 3 positions

Urban architecture has to integrate design and technology for effective sustainable builidings. Creating a sustainable symbiosis between man and nature.

With a simple gesture citizens can change their living spaces and add an outside surface and nature access to their homes.

An innovative window

With a beautiful combination of secure technology and elegant design, Bloomframe can be applied in existing and new residential buildings, offices and hotels.

Bloomframe opens up like a flower, offering a sense of freedom. With a touch of a button the facade transforms and creates high quality outdoor space.

With this balcony-window, users have the privilege of adding a new dimension to their surroundings, enjoying sun, air and space