Modern and contemporary design

Bloomframe transforms a facade with a double promise: to reinterpret and expand living spaces and to enhance a facade by offering a new environmental approach. In the façade, aluminum and glass provide elegance and modernity. Available in 3 widths, Bloomframe can be integrated into all building styles.

Robust structure

Bloomframe is made up of two glass sections articulated around powerful hinges. Each part integrates a reinforced multi-layer glazing, resistant to weather and time, ensuring an optimal thermal comfort.

  • In the closed position, it offers a large bay window for an optimal luminosity of the interior rooms.
  • In the open position, it creates a new living space open to the outside, friendly and original, allowing to welcome several people on the platform.

The transparency and the total decompartmentalization create an irresistible call towards the outside.

Bloomframe structure
Woman enjoying Bloomframe

Optimal safety

Mechanical or electronic safety systems allow you to enjoy the landscape with complete peace of mind.

  • Safety guardrail: it combines two safety functions, that of avoiding the risks of falling in the open position and that of integrating locking pins for a perfect closure.
  • Immaterial barriers block the maneuvering of the Bloomframe when a person is detected in a potentially risky area
  • Manual operation in case of power failure

Based on proven technology

The opening is done by means of a mechanical chain, which is used in industry, motor sports, and in the past, in castles. You can admire the perfect fit of the gears, the quality of the parts machined in french companies, in the Alps.

Based on low technology
Bloomframe customization

Fit the Bloomframe to your needs

Bloomframe is customizable with a wide choice of RAL colors and is available in 3 sizes: L (1700 mm), XL (2 300 mm), XXL (3 000 mm).